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Brady Who?

Born in Hanover, ON at the age of nothing. I grew up with a weird fascination with movies. While I was in the womb I would spend my spare time watching flicks and memorizing parts of the movie. After I was born I developed a liking for Jim Carrey… go ahead… make a gay joke. I loved his movies and thought he was hilarious. However I always thought to myself “pfft I can do that”. And so began my dream of being an actor.

As a kid I was in many plays in my school/church and my town. I was so excited in grade 9 because it meant that I could spend a full class doing nothing but acting. Little did I know there was “theory”, Oh well. Unfortunately at this time my parents were both rather unsupportive of my acting dream. My father told me that It was too hard of an industry to break into and that there was little point in trying. I was much better off going to school to be a doctor or a lawyer.

It was around this time that I heard about YouTube. Although at the time YouTube didn’t mean anything to mean and wouldn’t for quite a while. It was simply a way to find funny videos. This is the first YouTube video I ever saw “”… Yeah. Several years later my mother got remarried to the pope… not true… but that would have been freaking awesome. Annnyways, my parents were too cheap to hire a DJ so they asked me to. It was awful. I used windows media player and a home theater system. Even though it sucked really bad I somehow got hooked. I no longer wanted to be an actor, “Mom and dad, I want to be a DJ… I think” Somehow they didn’t seem to think that this was any more promising than an actor… I don’t know why. But they helped out anyways. Bought me a laptop, speakers, a mixer and all the lights lasers and smoke a 16 year old could ask for (I had to pay it off of course). A couple of months later I got a dance arranged at a drop in center in my town.

A month before the dance it hit me, “Nobody knows about me… and if nobody knows about me then nobody knows I'm a DJ… and if nobody knows I'm a DJ then no one is coming to my dance”. The local Youth Pastor was nice enough to let me advertise the dance at the Youth group but I needed a method of advertisement… I don’t why I thought “let’s make a video” I didn’t know the first thing about videos or even turning the camera on. Despite that discouraging fact we went out and shot what could have been the worst video in the history of videos. During the next few weeks we filmed 3 more videos leading up to the dance, these videos weren’t a whole lot better. Then the dance came… and that was it. Word was out about the dances and I could hold as many dances as I wanted without making videos for them. And that’s what I didn’t…

You can probably guess the rest… Something was missing blah blah blah…. And now my life goal is making YouTube videos… and making partnership… but hey… I’ve got a website… So I must be famous… Right?